Three Solar Energy Projects For The DIY Person To Reduce Energy Costs

You may have heard a lot about solar energy and think that it is something that is out of your reach, but there are some projects that you can do with a little time and a small budget. This can be something as simple as a solar water heater, installing solar panels for lighting, or creating a solar heater to help heat your home. Here are three solar energy projects that anybody can get done over the weekend:

1. Solar Water Heater For Your Home

If you want to heat water for your home, it can be done with solar energy. You will just need to build your own solar water heater. This can be done with copper pipes, black paint, some wood, and Plexiglas. You can also have a solar panel installed, which can provide power to a small electric water heater that can provide your home with the hot water that you need. If you want to have a system that is more reliable, use a PV solar panel for your solar water heater system.

2. Solar Panels For Home Lighting

If you do not want to invest in a complete system of solar panels for your energy needs, you can use just a couple to power some of the lighting in your home. A kit of a panel or two will give you everything you need to get started. You will then just need to connect the panels to a converter and some of the lighting in your home. If you use LED lighting, you can power a lot of the lights in your home using solar energy.

3. Solar Furnace For Home Heating

Another project that you may want to try is building a solar furnace. This is a simple box that is painted black inside, and it is used as a solar powered heat exchanger. As the cold air circulates through the box, it is heated by the sun and enters your home at the other end. There are many DIY projects for this, and smaller units that you can buy already made to install on your home. It can be something that you can do over a weekend to help heat your home.

These are a few projects you can do to reduce your energy costs with solar energy. To get parts and advice, contact a vendor of solar energy systems, such as AAA Solar Source, and they can provide you with everything you need.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Use Gas Propane

When it comes to heating your home, your water, or running your dryer, you have a couple of options available to you. Depending on how your home is set up, you might have natural gas, electric, or gas propane. While some people don’t like the thought of having propane running to their home, others enjoy all the benefits it brings. In fact, you might even decide that you want to convert your home to gas propane. If you aren’t sure whether this is the right form of gas for your home, consider some of the following benefits.

You don’t have to worry about paying a gas bill every month.

When you have propane running to your home, you only have to worry about paying for the gas when your tank gets low. During the summer months, you might be able to go as long as three to four months without having to worry about filling the tank. Winter months might have you filling the tank every month or two. It all depends on how warm you keep your home and how much hot water you use. One of the main perks is the fact that you can simply put in the call when you get low and you are all set. Instead of having a bill come to your home every month, you are more in control of when you are going to pay.

Propane gas is more energy-efficient.

You will often find that gas propane is going to cost you far less to run than what your energy bill is going to. In fact, you might even save half off the cost of heating your home compared to an electric furnace. Electricity always costs more than what gas does, so by using propane you can start saving every month on the appliances you would use normally.

It’s friendly to the environment.

Propane is actually more environmentally friendly than natural gas is. You aren’t going to have to worry about putting a bunch of pollutants back into the air every time you turn on the furnace, which is a huge relief for those who want to protect the environment.

If you aren’t sure what type of source you want to use to keep your home warm this winter, consider making the switch to propane. You can easily convert your existing home and have the new installation up and running in no time.

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Protect Your Identity With Document Shredding

Identity theft is currently the most common consumer complaint filed in the United States, with 10 million cases of identity theft reported in the past year alone. When a person steals your identity, they gain the ability to open up new accounts in your name; these could come in the form of bank loans, credit cards, and other lines of credit. Ultimately identity theft can ruin not only your finances but can also leave you with a decreased sense of security. Fortunately, by taking the time to shred documents before tossing them in the trash, you can reduce your chances of becoming a victim.

What Do Identity Thieves Look For?

When a person wants to steal somebody’s identity, there are a few key pieces of personal information that can aid them in doing so. Some of this information includes:

  • social security numbers
  • driver’s license numbers
  • usernames and passwords
  • signatures
  • credit card information
  • bank account information
  • pin numbers

If you have any paper documents with this information that you want to get rid of, simply tossing them in the trash isn’t enough. Instead, you’ll want to shred all documents that have your personal information on them in order to reduce your chances of having your identity stolen.

Considerations for Document Shredding

Some people think that by simply tearing up their paper documents by hand before tossing them in the trash, they’ll be able to prevent the possibility of becoming a victim. However, hand-shredding simply isn’t thorough enough. Instead, you should consider investing in a cross-cutting document shredder, which will shred your papers up into small pieces both vertically and horizontally. Your documents will be in so many pieces that it’d be nearly impossible to piece them back together.

Even if you don’t necessarily have the money to invest in a fancy document shredder, you can still safely dispose of your unwanted personal documents (old bills, credit cards, bank statements, etc) by looking for a shredding event in your area. These events are often free of charge or very inexpensive to participate in. During a shredding event, you’re typically allowed to bring in a certain number of boxes full of documents. From there, you can use the company’s shredders to safely dispose of the documents themselves. Furthermore, if you work in an office setting, your place of employment may even have its own document shredder that you can use.

By shredding your documents before disposing of them, you can cut down on the chances of having your identity stolen, so be sure to keep this advice in mind!

For more information, contact Vital Records Control or a similar company.

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