Is A Water Filter Cooler Right For Your Office?

Everyone gets thirsty and everyone wants clean water. At work, the solution for most offices has been to buy five gallon bottles of purified water. A more economical and effective solution for your office is a water cooler that is attached to a water filtration system. Consider the benefits that will be outlined below to decide if this is the right choice for your office and your budget.

More Affordable Than Bottled Water

Bottled water is far more expensive than tap water and the costs can rack up quickly depending on how much your employees drink. In a large office this can be several gallons per day. A water filter cooler delivers water that is free from contaminants at a more affordable rate. If you factor in how much visitors to the office drink especially if you own a large customer service business then you will spend a lot on bottled water.

You will also need more than one dispenser in a large office. This can get very expensive. You must also pay for the delivery of the bottled water and this can cost you a lot over time. Using a water filter cooler will eliminate delivery costs and help you to enjoy greater savings. According to customers save up to 20 to 50 percent on their previous water delivery costs when they use a water filter cooler.

Save Money On Paper Cups

Bottled water dispensers often come equipped with a section for the insertion of paper cups. These paper cups must be supplied by management. Large offices will require a lot of these paper cups in order to match the volume of water being consumed. Large customer service oriented offices will have huge paper cup costs due to the volume of customers who visit the office daily.

How Does Water Filter Cooler Work?

A water filter cooler is attached to the office’s plumbing system. Tap water passes through a carbon filter. This carbon filter will remove lead, chlorine or other harmful properties from the water. Water filter coolers are capable of delivering both hot and cold water just like bottled water dispensers. Hot and cold water is dispensed from separate spigots in the same way as a bottled water dispenser.

While initial setup of commercial water purification systems for sale might cost a bit more than bottled water dispensers, in the long run you will end up saving more once you eliminate the costs of using several bottles of water  and paper cups per day.

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Why Should You Landscape Your Lawn?

Having your lawn landscaped by one of your local landscape companies will give you a beautiful yard that you’ll be able to enjoy.  There are many other great benefits to having your yard landscaped.  Here are some other benefits to landscaping your lawn.

Property Value      

One thing that gives your home the most curb appeal is your landscaping.  This will also give you an increased property value and make your home look more attractive.  While it will improve the aesthetic value of the home, it can improve the look of your home when compared to other similar homes in your neighborhood.  Know that a professional landscape company will be able to up the value of your home as soon as they are finished making your yard a beautiful area that can be enjoyed.

Energy Costs      

It is imperative to save energy wherever possible in order to save money, and help to conserve the earth’s resources.  Landscaping can help to control the temperature inside a home by helping to control wind and other elements around your home.  Trees, shrubbery and vines will reduce the energy needed to heat or cool a home by shading, wind breaking and helping to cool the ground around the home.  According to the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, heating bills can be reduced by up to 15% and cooling bills can be reduced by up to 50%.

Environmental Impact     

Plants that are native to your environment will help benefit the natural habitats for animals living in your local area.  These plants will also require less upkeep, and will thrive and flourish, while more exotic plants will require more maintenance and water, costing you more.  Other ways that landscaping can impact the environment is that all plants reduce pollution in the air by releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide.

Encourages Wildlife      

Any flowers, plants, bushes and trees in your yard will attract birds and insects that are natives to your areas.  This will allow them to be able to make natural habitats, store food and to be sheltered from predators.  Many natural functions such as the production of honey by bees could be taking place from the landscaping that you have on your property.


Landscaping will help you to make use of your land.  If you choose to build structures to be included alongside your landscaping, you will be making your property useful.  Patio structures, fire pits, vegetable gardens and even flower beds will improve your land and help it to become functional in the process.      

Having your yard or property landscaped by a local landscape company like B & B Hoffman Sod Farms will allow you to be able to make more of your land, and help out your environment in the process.

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Solar Vs. Wind Power: Which Is The Better Renewable Energy?

Homeowners can create their own clean energy by installing solar panels or wind turbines. But which is the better option? Both solar and wind power offer a clean, affordable and infinitely effective source of renewable energy that produces no emissions. However, these two energy options have some distinct differences. Learn more about solar and wind power and how they compare.

Solar Energy

Depending on the size of the solar system you choose to install, you can save a substantial amount of money on your electric bill. According to NerdWallet Inc., the estimated yearly savings for a 3 kilowatt (kW) residential solar panel system is $600. The biggest advantage of solar energy is that it’s renewable and sustaining, meaning that it will never run out.

Once solar panels have been installed, they require very little maintenance to maintain. There is no noise from photovoltaic panels as they silently draw in sunlight to transform into useable energy. Solar energy can also be produced on or off the grid. When on the grid, a house remains connected to the state electricity grid. When off the grid, there is no connection to the electricity grid and the home relies solely on solar power for energy.

Other key benefits of solar power include:

  • Increasing your home’s value
  • Saving money on your utility bills
  • Decreasing your carbon footprint
  • Locking-in energy costs indefinitely

Wind Energy

Wind energy is one of the fastest growing forms of renewable energy in the world. This clean fuel source does not pollute the air and does not produce emissions that contribute to greenhouse gasses and acid rain. Wind power is also one of the most affordable forms of renewable energy, costing as low as 2.5 cents per kilowatt-hour, according to The Energy Collective.

Wind turbines are available in a wide range of sizes, which means they can be effectively used by both residential homes and businesses. Wind power can be especially useful in remote areas that are not connected to electricity power grids. Although these turbines can be tall and take up a small plot of land, the land below the turbine can still be used for a variety of purposes, such as farming.

Other key benefits of wind power include:

  • Wind is free and available everywhere
  • Turbines do not emit greenhouse gasses
  • Wind turbines do not consume water
  • Wind energy is clean and plentiful

Both solar energy and wind energy have excellent advantages that make them popular choices for homes and businesses. For more information, contact your local renewable energy company.

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How To Prevent Roaches From Making Their Way Into Your Living Space

If there is one common household pest that can make your skin crawl, it is roaches. Unfortunately, roaches are some of the most resilient insects and are very capable of traveling from home to home and finding a way in. If you live in an area that is prone to roach infestations, it is important to prevent them from entering the home altogether. Yet, this is not always easy to accomplish. Here are a few simple tricks to help you out.

Seal Your Home from the Exterior Completely

Roaches can squeeze through even the smallest cracks and crevices. If you have a roach problem in your neighborhood, these bugs can and will try their best to get inside your residence. It is important to do all that you can to prevent even the slightest openings that would provide access to you home. Check around windows and doors, in crawlspaces, and even around the roof for possible entry points and seal them with silicone caulking or other airtight material.

Be Careful What You Bring Indoors

One female cockroach can produce as many as 400 offspring in her lifetime. Therefore, all it would take is one bug brought into your home to cause a major infestation. It is actually easier to carry in cockroaches from an outside source than what most people think. These bugs are incredibly good at hiding until they get into a desired location. Electronics and appliances are infamous housing grounds for these bugs, and it is not uncommon for people to buy a used appliance and soon after discover that it was full of roaches. Be sure you thoroughly investigate anything that comes into your house that you suspect came from a place with roaches.

Use Perimeter Bug Treatment to Ward Off Roaches

If you are truly concerned that bugs will travel to your home, it is a good idea to talk to a professional pest control agent about preventative treatment methods that can be taken, such as perimeter spray treatment. During this type of treatment, the entire perimeter of your home will be treated with a spray that will keep the bugs from trying to enter your home.

It is much easier to prevent a cockroach infestation than it is to treat an issue once there is an infestation. Taking measures to keep the bugs out of your home in the first place is the best thing that you can do to keep your home protected from these unwanted house guests.

For more information, contact Mr. Bug Killer Inc. or a similar company.

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How To Save On Your Propane Bill

Winter is right around the corner. This means increased use of your heat, which can lead to increased propane usage. While you want to keep your home warm this winter, you also do not want to pay too much to keep it that way. Here are some tips you can use to keep your energy bill at an amount that you can handle.

Filling The Tank

When your propane delivery company comes to fill your tank, it may be beneficial to hold off on doing a complete fill if the price of propane is higher than usual. Propane prices fluctuate according to the economy and the weather. There are times of the year where the propane cost is lower than other times, such as in the summertime when it is not being used. Have your propane filled during these times and have the company do partial fill ups during the colder months. Keep an eye on propane pricing. If you see a reason for the price to drop, this is when to call for a fill up.

Setting The Temperature

To keep your costs low, set your thermostat a degree or two lower than you normally do. In the wintertime, do not feel pressured to turn it up because it is colder outside. Keep it at a constant rate, lowering when no one will be at home. You can buy a programmable thermostat to help you keep on a schedule if you feel this will be a benefit. Lower the thermostat at night when you are asleep. Simply add an extra blanket to your bed to make up for the lower temperature.

Check For Drafts

You will want to make sure that there are no drafts that are letting your heat seep outdoors unnecessarily. Light a candle and move it around the perimeter of each door and window to see if it flickers. Where there is flickering, there is air. Install weather-stripping to doors and windows that are suspect. You can add a layer of caulk around your doorways and use expandable foam in areas where the gap is large.

Cover Up

One way to save on your energy bill is to make sure your windows have window coverings. Use thermal lined drapes and curtains to cover your windows. These act as a layer of insulation and will block the heat from escaping. Use a door draft blocker to stick at the bottom of your doorway to help keep drafts from coming inside.

For more information about propane gas, contact Mills Fuel Service Inc. or a similar company.

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