How To Save On Your Propane Bill

Winter is right around the corner. This means increased use of your heat, which can lead to increased propane usage. While you want to keep your home warm this winter, you also do not want to pay too much to keep it that way. Here are some tips you can use to keep your energy bill at an amount that you can handle.

Filling The Tank

When your propane delivery company comes to fill your tank, it may be beneficial to hold off on doing a complete fill if the price of propane is higher than usual. Propane prices fluctuate according to the economy and the weather. There are times of the year where the propane cost is lower than other times, such as in the summertime when it is not being used. Have your propane filled during these times and have the company do partial fill ups during the colder months. Keep an eye on propane pricing. If you see a reason for the price to drop, this is when to call for a fill up.

Setting The Temperature

To keep your costs low, set your thermostat a degree or two lower than you normally do. In the wintertime, do not feel pressured to turn it up because it is colder outside. Keep it at a constant rate, lowering when no one will be at home. You can buy a programmable thermostat to help you keep on a schedule if you feel this will be a benefit. Lower the thermostat at night when you are asleep. Simply add an extra blanket to your bed to make up for the lower temperature.

Check For Drafts

You will want to make sure that there are no drafts that are letting your heat seep outdoors unnecessarily. Light a candle and move it around the perimeter of each door and window to see if it flickers. Where there is flickering, there is air. Install weather-stripping to doors and windows that are suspect. You can add a layer of caulk around your doorways and use expandable foam in areas where the gap is large.

Cover Up

One way to save on your energy bill is to make sure your windows have window coverings. Use thermal lined drapes and curtains to cover your windows. These act as a layer of insulation and will block the heat from escaping. Use a door draft blocker to stick at the bottom of your doorway to help keep drafts from coming inside.

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