Is A Water Filter Cooler Right For Your Office?

Everyone gets thirsty and everyone wants clean water. At work, the solution for most offices has been to buy five gallon bottles of purified water. A more economical and effective solution for your office is a water cooler that is attached to a water filtration system. Consider the benefits that will be outlined below to decide if this is the right choice for your office and your budget.

More Affordable Than Bottled Water

Bottled water is far more expensive than tap water and the costs can rack up quickly depending on how much your employees drink. In a large office this can be several gallons per day. A water filter cooler delivers water that is free from contaminants at a more affordable rate. If you factor in how much visitors to the office drink especially if you own a large customer service business then you will spend a lot on bottled water.

You will also need more than one dispenser in a large office. This can get very expensive. You must also pay for the delivery of the bottled water and this can cost you a lot over time. Using a water filter cooler will eliminate delivery costs and help you to enjoy greater savings. According to customers save up to 20 to 50 percent on their previous water delivery costs when they use a water filter cooler.

Save Money On Paper Cups

Bottled water dispensers often come equipped with a section for the insertion of paper cups. These paper cups must be supplied by management. Large offices will require a lot of these paper cups in order to match the volume of water being consumed. Large customer service oriented offices will have huge paper cup costs due to the volume of customers who visit the office daily.

How Does Water Filter Cooler Work?

A water filter cooler is attached to the office’s plumbing system. Tap water passes through a carbon filter. This carbon filter will remove lead, chlorine or other harmful properties from the water. Water filter coolers are capable of delivering both hot and cold water just like bottled water dispensers. Hot and cold water is dispensed from separate spigots in the same way as a bottled water dispenser.

While initial setup of commercial water purification systems for sale might cost a bit more than bottled water dispensers, in the long run you will end up saving more once you eliminate the costs of using several bottles of water  and paper cups per day.

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